Dreams do come through. In fact, watching one’s dreams and goals materialize can be described as a form of super power. It’s why the internet is completely in love with Twitter user Eutchaylo whose dream of becoming a lawyer came to pass many years after she first dressed up as one.

The young lady had nothing but love for the profession when she was only a little girl and like most young girls, had only a dream of becoming that smart, witty human who will uphold the constitutions and make a difference. Just recently, her dreams came through, when she joined many other graduates in being called to bar. She shared before and after photo of herself from when she first wore a lawyer gown and wig at a career day in school, and now that she’s now a certified lawyer.

More than anything, her message is to all those who might have given up in pursuing their dreams. The photos serve as an inspiration that anyone can achieve what they set their heart to. READ ALSO: Toke Makinwa describes the kind of guys that complain about women who love money Here are the photos below: Congrats girl! Keep pushing. Meanwhile, just recently, a young female graduate was surprised with a car by her parents for successfully completing her medical course.

– Top Nigerian media personality and self-proclaimed baby girl for life, Toke Makinwa had tongues wagging on social media recently – In a recent post, she stated that only broke men complain about women loving money – This is coming shortly after she mentioned that the man she will settle down with doesn’t have to be rich Media personality and fashion icon, Toke Makinwa has a few words for broke men who have an opinion about what a woman should like.

In a recent post, the ivory baby girl for life suggested that only broke men complain about women loving money while those who are loaded don’t mind. Although many will argue that all men don’t like gold diggers, to Toke, it is apparently only the broke ones who complain when a lady appears to be digging for gold in their pockets. Her message set off some internet users who believe that Makinwa’s thoughts on what an ideal man should be is one packed with money.

Although recently, as she clocked 34, she revealed that the kind of man she wants to settle down with shouldn’t be necessarily rich as money is not such an important factor to her but he must be able to take care of her.